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News from the States of the Union: CALIFORNIA!

News from the States of the Union continues with California. In the newspapers this week, I learned about the state’s drought, its affordable housing problem, and the important role of the Black Panthers in the disability rights movement,.

Update on News from the States of the Union

Combing through 200+ California newspapers is taking more time than I expected, especially now that I have a new job, working as a letter carrier for the United States Postal Service. So while… Continue reading

News from the States of the Union: ARIZONA!

News from the States of the Union marches on with Arizona, where God attended a school board meeting, the state’s child protective services are getting an overhaul, and the tooth fairy might visit your school!

News from the States of the Union: ARKANSAS!

Welcome to another installment of News from the States of the Union! This week, we dig into Arkansas’ local papers to find out what’s making news in The Natural State.

News from the States of the Union–Arkansas! Is delayed until Friday.

Hi lovely people who are nice enough to follow my News from the States of the Union series. I just wanted to let you know I’ve been buried this week, finishing up an… Continue reading

News from the States of the Union: Alaska!

For more info on this project, check out my coverage of Alabama last week. It’s embarrassing and unacceptable, how little I knew of Alaska before this week. Other than what’s popped up in… Continue reading

News from the States of the Union: Alabama!

The first of fifty-looks on what’s happening across the country, through the lens of each state’s local newspapers. We begin with Alabama, and its many editorials on expanding Medicaid, its charming elementary school 4-H minutes, its plan to charge kids to take the bus to school, and more.

All the Ladies! Or, really, more like, hardly any of the ladies, sigh

Yesterday I read a report from The Women’s Media Center, “The Status of Women in the U.S. Media 2013,”  which focuses on women’s opportunities to become “influencers.” We hear about how few women… Continue reading


Some lovely links: “John, Lyndon, John” by Callie Collins at The Collagist Forty-Four Stories about Forty-Four Presidents @ Melville House (my favorites are Lincoln Michel’s John Adams, Robert Kloss’ Martin Van Buren, Anne… Continue reading

Sarah MacLean’s One Good Earl Deserves a Lover

I was an idiot to wait so long to read Sarah MacLean’s books. The titles of her first series kept me away. I didn’t think I’d be at all interested in a book… Continue reading

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